Who’s behind the scenes?


LyndaLynda Buckley, Account Director

Imported from New York City, the home of the bright lights of entertainment, it’s no wonder Lynda ended up in the field she’s in. With executive positions at Institutions (capital ‘I’, baby) like Rolling Stone Magazine, Hard Rock Café and Esquire Magazine under her belt, she left behind the Big Apple long ago to instead sink her teeth into the equally shiny and crisp arts, theatre, entertainment and hospitality scene in Australia. She has since been the PR guru for clients including the Australian Burlesque Festival, The Asian Food Festival, ANZ Taste of Tennis, Melbourne International Comedy Festival performers, Melbourne  Fringe Festival performers, The Palms at Crown acts, Comedy at Crown acts and numerous bars and restaurants. Her personality is almost as big as her german shepherd, Romeo, so it’s easy to see why she gets the great results she does.

SarahSarah Katsavos, Strategic Director

Sarah used to be a journalist, 20-something years ago, back in the days when long-lunches were allowed and shorthand was the only way to capture a comment word-for-word. From an ambulance-chasing cadet to feature writing for a women’s lifestyle magazine, she’s learned a lot and seen too much. Applying her media knowledge, ‘news sense’ (the 7th sense of every good journo) and creativity allows her to create campaigns that work to attract media attention for all the right reasons. A long list of clients in the lifestyle arena send her a Christmas card each year, so she must be doing something right.


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