Encore! Encore!


If you want people coming back for more, then you’ve found your solution at Encore. Hey, that rhymed, and we weren’t even trying. That’s just the kind of clever stuff we do here all the time.

We are a team who have always loved and appreciated all things arts, entertainment and leisure lifestyle. Unfortunately, though, we realised we were never going to grace the stage with singing voices like ours and we couldn’t afford to spend our days drinking martinis and going to the theatre, so we decided to go into PR instead. That was over 20 years ago and, since then, our media contacts in these industries, our creative ideas and our connections have grown to make us the powerful specialist PR agency we are today.

If you’ve got an upcoming exhibition, a large-scale festival, a new venue or cool product concept on the boil or you just need a ‘leg up’ before you go ‘break a leg’, then let’s talk. We promise, no singing.


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